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  • Environmental measurement and analysis to secure living conditions.


Environmental Monitoring

Noise / Vibration / Dust / Temperature and humidity / Working environment

As we employ various environmental assessments such as noise, vibration, and dust concentration, we will glad to assist your effort to ensure environmental conservation in the construction fields and safe and secure living conditions.

Real-time observation on various items, information disclosure by displays and ascertaining the status via network cameras can be realized by automatic measurement function implemented into the measuring system which is constituted with a combination of necessary items according to the on-site situation.

Assessment of sound insulation performance of construction structures or measurement and analysis of low frequency sounds are also served.

Other Measurements

Soil / Water / Atmosphere / Asbestos / Internal air environment (SBS)

We measure, analyze and evaluate environmental elements which should be controlled strictly to ensure human health and the environment such as soil, water and atmosphere.