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Quality-oriented management of measurement, Uncompromising and reliable consultation.
Broad range of technologies for environmental measurement, Contribution to living conditions and the earth.
Research and design based on proven technological capabilities, Constructing foundation upon which safe and secure future is realized.
Proposal for new technologies backed by continuous endeavor, Creating new values.


If you work together,we provide your future.

If you work together,we provide your future.

As an expert of measurement technology, we take the task of a total consulting in construction works as well as expanding our business toward new fields such as structural inspection, repairing design and development of new technologies to satisfy the need of our customers and our society.

After extraction of bottlenecks in resolving problems our customers or our society have, we can propose solutions considering future prospective, which will be supported by our sincere and uncompromising technical services.



2023.07.252025 Osaka-Kansai Expo Osaka Healthcare Pavilion
『Resona Mirai Color』 Digital,Manufacturing,
Future TechnologyInvited to a pitch event.
2023.02.27Would you know ‘Roundfulness’?
We defined it to our future as follows.
Roundfulness is studies of the way to communicate some feelings
which make our future mindful through working together if you want.

Let's think about it together.↑↑↑
2017.04.15We have relocated Tokyo office.
2016.10.01Our homepage has been redesigned.